We design and manufacture brass wall or ceiling lamps, LED profiles, recessed lamps and downlights, custom-made lamps, table lamps and floor lamps.

We do this by combining brass with glass, steel and in some cases marble, to obtain technical products of the highest quality and extraordinary aesthetic value, in line with Italian excellence “made in Foresti & Suardi”.

The brass is worked to withstand any atmospheric agent and born for a long-lasting use, which has always been used on cruise ships, transport ships, ferries, waterfront, ports or marine-style premises.

We can make every room in the house unique with our brass wall lamps available in classic, industrial or design style thanks to E27 or LED 12V \ 24V models.

We intend illuminate hotels, offices, public buildings, wellness centers, shops or prestigious homes also thanks to the consolidated and fruitful synergy with the designer Christian Grande.

We have obtained the prestigious 100% Made in Italy certification, issued by the Institute for the protection of Italian producers and reserved for companies that stand out for specific requirements.